Copywriting – 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Article Writing

Copywriting - page of a book communication highlightedBusiness has always been a cutthroat proposition, the advent of the internet means that we can now easily sell to more markets but that has also brought about increased competition in all market places that we enter. With E-commerce, our goal is to attract as much traffic to our websites as possible so that we can convert a proportion of those visitors to sales. In most market places conversion rates are fairly static so the easiest way to increase our sales is to increase the traffic to our website.

The only way to consistently increase traffic to our websites is to become highly ranked by the Search Engines. One of the best ways to achieve this is to write or have written quality copy. Article writing need not be an arduous task, initially one article written per day is enough to promote your website effectively. You can kill to birds with one stone by also using the research process for your articles to keep up to date with what is going on in your market place. If you really do not want to write yourself the process is easily outsourced and you will find that many Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services) provide this as part of their monthly maintenance packages.

Here are the 7 reasons that will persuade you that you must invest in copywriting:

1. You will reach a wider audience

Articles that represent you well and that are of good quality should undoubtedly be shared with a wider audience (poor quality articles will do your reputation more harm than good). Once you have a good article you should submit it to an article directory such as e-zine at the same time you could even do a quick “How To” guide to submit to ehow. Not only will these two actions gain you exposure to a bigger audience but you will also be able to include a link back to your website in the resources box. This tactic serves more than one purpose it will enhance your reputation, it will gain you a link back to your website and it can also directly increase the traffic to your website due to link popularity in the Search Engines as well as direct clicks from the resources box.

2. Use your articles to promote your website on related websites

Again you need a good quality article for this, look for good quality websites that are in a related niche to yours but that are not direct competitors to you. Approach them and ask if they would like you to write a unique article as a guest author for their site. If they agree send them an article on the proviso that they publish the article intact including your resource box which should include a link back to your website. Good quality advice/information is a prerequisite here and there should be no hard sell. This is an absolute winner for free advertising.

3.Use articles to gain higher rankings for your website in the search engines

Search Engines like fresh unique content on websites. Add a new article to your website every few days and optimize it for the keyword that it is targeting. The more good quality content that you have on your site that is directly related to your niche the better chance you will have to increase your rankings in the Search Engines. Remember as with everything else this should be done in moderation do not add a whole load of low quality articles all in one go, make sure you add well crafted optimized articles periodically.

4. Use articles to increase your link popularity

You can gain back links and some traffic by submitting articles from your website or fresh articles to blog carnivals, on-line document repositories, article directories and so on. Always ensure that you have a link back to your website included in a resource box or as a link from one of your keywords in the article (if allowed). The content of these articles should again not be a hard sell but informative to your prospective customers. Your links will build up naturally over time in this way and this is a perfectly acceptable for of improving your link popularity.

5.Use your articles to optimize your website

You can use your articles to make sure that your website is keyword rich which will help build the relevance of your website in the Search Engine’s eyes and this will help to increase your Search Engine ranking. As always the articles must be of good quality, be informative and not overly stuffed with keywords. Make sure that eventually you have articles that cover your main keywords as well as the secondary related keywords.

6. Use your articles to establish your reputation

Trust and reputation are very important in business. If your presence to your customers and prospective customers is on the internet then the best way to establish this is by providing a professional and helpful impression. This can be achieved easily by writing articles as long as they are of good quality, original content and relevant to your subject matter. Writing informative articles and keeping up to date with your niche will create a good impression and help to establish you as an expert in your field.

7. Open your articles up to discussion

Opening up your articles to discussion by submitting them to social networking sites or by including comment sections on your website will make your content more dynamic. Interacting with your customers or prospective customers in this way is a very useful way to obtain feedback to help improve your proposition. Allowing this interaction will also help to establish your credibility. Beware though that the content that you open up to this kind of process must be unique/original, informative and relevant or you may end up damaging your reputation rather than enhancing it! To avoid spam comments I would also suggest that you set it up so that comments are reviewed by you or your administrator for approval prior to posting.

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